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Tokyo To Hachioji Shi
Yokoyamacho 3-8
Fill Park 3F

Phone Number
042-649-2089Phone 042-649-2089

Open Hours
(Lunch Hours) 11:00-17:00

Aina Café does not have an elevator.
Aina Staff are happy to help with those who have a buggy. Please be free to ask us anytime.

AINACAFE is located on "Hachiouji station entrance" intersection on route 20 of national highway.
Aina Café is on the 3rd floor.

AINACAFE is located on Hachiouji station entrance

Customers using public transpotaion

JR Hachiouji station
 …… 7minutes on foot.

Keiouhachiouji station
 …… 7minutes on foot.

Yokoyamacho bus stop
 …… 1minutes on foot.

※ Yokoyamacho bus stop has a couple stops.

Aina Cafe is walking distance from Hachioji Station, Keio Hachioji Station, Yokoyamacho Bus Stop

Customers using car

If your are coming from the high way, the nearest interchange is "Hachioji IC". When you come from Tokyo metropolitan area, go out from "the first exit". you go out of the expressway "Hachioji IC", and, move south in advance number 16 of national highway and number 20 of national highway towards Hachiouji station north.

If you are not using the high way we recommend to use "number 16 of national highway" or "number 20 of national highway".

※ Turning at "Owada 4-Chome intersection" from Hachioji bypass in number 16 of national highway, it's necessary to enter a byway, please be careful.

Aina Café has tie-up parking
3000yen and up receive one hour free parking and 5000yen and up receive two hour free parking.

Aina Café's tie-up parking

1COM-PARK Yokoyamacho, 3rd.

2COM-PARK Yokoyamacho, 4th.

3COM-PARK Yokoyamacho, 5th.

4COM-PARK Yokoyamacho, 7th.

5COM-PARK Yokoyamacho, 8th.

6COM-PARK Yokoyamacho, 10th.

7COM-PARK Yokoyamacho, 11th.