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If you have any questions feel free to call AINACAFE from the following telephone number or the contact form of the lower page.


Phone Number 電話042-649-2089Phone 042-649-2089

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Aina Café will only use the contact item to return emails.
We may take time to reply. Sorry for your inconvenience.

Private policy

Additionally the guideline which are laws about protection of personal information and guidelines about personal information protection, etc. about handling of the personal information acquired in this website obeys a related decree about personal information protection in AinaCafe

Personal information protection policy

We'll set a personal information protection policy as follows, build mechanism of personal information protection and promote protection of personal information by the thing which makes all employees carry recognition and a match of the importance of the personal information protection without exception.

The use purpose of personal information

You sometimes register the personal information which are your names and the e-mail addresses, etc. at the time of a question from a customer at this website, but I won't use these personal information at any place but the destination when offering it to me.
I'll use the personal information I kept for a customer for an e-mail and sending of material as an answer to a contact from this place, guidance of business and your question.

Elucidation to a third person and prohibited of an offer of personal information

We'll manage the personal information I kept more than a customer appropriately and elucidate personal information in a third person except for the case when I come under next one of them.
* The occasion with the customer's agreement
* When we elucidate to the traders who entrust business to do service suitable for a customer.
* When it's necessary to elucidate based on a decree

Security measures of personal information

We're taking thoroughgoing measures in security for accuracy of personal information and safety securement.

One's own inquiry

After confirming that I'm the person himself when a customer hopes for one's own inquiry of personal information, correction and elimination, it'll correspond.

Obeying and reconsideration of a decree and a model

Additionally the Japanese decree which is applied about possessed personal information obeys a model as well as reconsiders the contents of this policy accordingly, and we make an effort toward the improvement.

contact information

If any questions on personal info please contact

Tokyo To Hachioji Shi Yokoyamacho 3-8 Fill Park 3F

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